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Pole dancing as exercise is increasing all over the world as a very popular fitness class. Pole fitness and pole dancing has gained this popularity due to the benefits of increasing strength and overall body tone that so many women have trouble gaining. Pole fitness and pole dancing classes incorporates calisthenics (body weight) exercises that build long lean muscle and increase flexibility with the added benefit of being fun! Many women find pole fitness and pole dancing empowering!

Our trained and certified top notch pole fitness instructors bring over 18 years of combined pole dance fitness experience and are here to give you the best experience possible. Whether you are looking to lose weight, feel sexy, get strong, tone up, throw a bachelorette party or just make friends Inversions Pole Fitness is the right pole fitness dance studio for YOU!

Located 5 minutes from downtown Charleston, South Carolina in Mount Pleasant, Inversions Pole Fitness offers pole dancing, pole fitness classes and bachelorette parties Monday - Sunday and by appointment. Pole dancing class sessions fill up fast so please reserve a pole! We have no more than 3-6 students in a class. Unlike other studios we focus more on smaller group instruction to get the greatest and quickest results. Inversions Pole Fitness also offers private pole dancing lessons, private pole bachelorette parties, girl's night out and corporate parties. Come check out Mt. Pleasant's only pole fitness studio!

benefits of pole dance fitness

What is pole dance fitness?

Made popular in Canada in the early 1980's, pole dancing was commonly seen in strip clubs and has only recently left the clubs and become a legitimate form of exercise. Women worldwide are raving about the benefits of pole dance fitness. It has come so far that now there are petitions to make pole dancing an Olympic event. Pole dancing combines dance, aerobics and fitness while performing spins, twirls, transitions, combinations and moves with a vertical pole. The best part of pole dancing is you are having loads of fun and you don’t even feel like you are exercising. The key is if you enjoy your workout you are likely to continue your workout. Persistence, dedication and commitment are important ingredients to losing weight and getting your body in shape. Pole dance fitness classes give women of all ages and sizes the opportunity to let their hair down and have fun while tightening and toning their bodies. Inversions Pole Fitness classes involves exercise that work every muscle you’ve got from your quadriceps to your triceps. Women in our classes have said, “It’s the best and most effective workout they have ever done for their body.”

So how does the pole help?

The vertical pole allows you to use your weight to increase your strength and tone your muscle quickly. The pole aids in your stretching and flexibility and helps you in aligning your stretches providing support and balance.

Benefits of pole dance fitness:

Fat burning
Increases energy
Improves confidence
Tones the overall body
Improves posture
Tightens and defines your core
Strips off pounds
Makes you feel sexy
Builds muscle
Beats the winter blues
Transforms your body and mind
Increases upper body strength
Increases self esteem
Celebrates your feminity and sensuality
Tightens and tones your legs and glutes
Burns tons of calories
Significant weight loss
Raises your heart rate and works your lungs


What should I wear to class?

Workout attire is preferred. A tank top is best because you will need to have your skin exposed on your arms and shoulders for various pole tricks. Yoga shorts or any workout short attire is good as long as they are above the knee. Your skin needs to be exposed on your legs for climbing the pole. High heels are optional. Please do not wear lotions or oils the day of your class, as you will have difficultly climbing the pole. Jewelry is not allowed due to safety reasons.

What is the cancellation policy?

Inversions has a 12 hour cancellation policy, barring any unforseen emergency. Classes can be rescheduled using our online reservation system.

Studio Rules

No Rings!
No Leaning against mirrors!
Do not instruct other students, leave that to the instructor.
Please refrain from doing any moves or material that is not being covered in the current class you are taking. 
Late cancel policy is 12 hrs before scheduled class. You must cancel your class or private lesson on the ZEN planner app or you forfeit the class.

Photos and Video

No cell phones allowed in studio main space during classes.
If you are not a member of class, no recording permitted at all.
Recording of instruction or written choreography is strictly forbidden.

Class Prices

All classes are 60 minutes. Please check the schedule for details. Inversions offers discounts and coupons throughout the year on all our classes so please keep us up to date on your email to receive coupons. Purchasing a series class guarantees you a preferred day and time each week. All classes at Inversions are kept small for one on one attention and instruction. There are 3-6 students max per class unless we are running a special workshop.


Inversions Pole Fitness does not offer refunds. Not sure if it’s right for you? Take a one-time class before committing to a series, and we’ll show you how fun fitness can be.

Do I have to be able to climb the pole?

No. Pole dance experience is not required. We train you to gain the strength to be able to climb the pole. Some women climb in a week and others can take months. Only you can decide if you are ready to climb the pole.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! If you are too shy or just prefer individual one on one instruction, private pole dance fitness lessons are available. Private instruction can include 1 to 2 students. Call Inversions for prices on private lessons.

What is the payment policy?

Payment is due when making a reservation. Because our classes are kept small, classes fill up fast. It is recommended to schedule your classes in advance. There will be a $25 fee charged in the event of non-sufficient funds transactions. Cash, Check and Credit are accepted. Please make your check payable to Inversions Pole Fitness, LLC.

How is Inversions different than other studios?

We pride ourselves on offering a unique experience that sets us apart from other studios. Inversions was started with fitness, strength, safety and persistence in mind. We stand behind our goal of making all women feel empowered when they walk out of our studio. Our classes consist of warm-up, stretching, flexibility training, sensual dancing, upper and lower body drills and plenty of pole time!


Lisa Havens

As owner of Inversions Pole Fitness LLC, Lisa’s strong interest in the art of pole dancing began at the age of 32 in 2009 with her interest in different forms of physical exercise but also to cope with the loss of her beloved father. Pole dancing isn’t just about fitness to Lisa. It’s the emotional support and the pole community that really hooked her to this fun and amazing form of fitness.

A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Lisa’s athletic skills are attributed to her early years of training in several forms of dance, including jazz and tap as well as gymnastics, soccer, mountain biking and cheerleading.

A College of Charleston graduate with a degree in Arts Management allowed Lisa to take her creative energies in dance and art and channel them into something that was meaningful and fun. Lisa saw the need for an alternative form of fitness in Charleston, SC where women could go and feel accepted regardless of their age, size and ability. In 2011, Inversions Pole Fitness was born. Lisa has coached hundreds of women in fitness, dance, and embracing their sensuality. Lisa has worked with women recovering from breast cancer, divorce, physical and emotional abuse, eating disorders and many other medical conditions. So many women come to Inversions struggling with taking that layer off. Lisa creates a judgement free environment in a space where women feel empowered, confident and beautiful. Lisa truly believes a woman can accomplish anything as long as she puts her mind and heart to it. Pole dancing challenges women both physically and mentally.

In addition to running IPF, Lisa worked in the medical sales field for 17 years specializing in Psychiatry and Immunology. Lisa holds several pole fitness certifications. She is one of 12 Master Trainers in the US and International with Pole Moves. Pole Moves is active in the Pole Dance Community, the Pole Fitness Alliance, the American Council on Exercise, and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Lisa is also a certified POLGA instructor through the Stiletto Gym (FIMB), Fabulous in Mind Body. In 2015 she competed in her first NPC fitness competition placing 4th in the masters division. Lisa has trained with top instructors and competitors as well as completed workshops with national and internationally pole champions such as; Karol Helms, Lou Landers, Jamilla Deville, Michelle Stanek, Amy Hazel, and many more. Lisa has developed her own curriculum and syllabus teacher training program that she uses to train and certify her instructors at Inversions Pole Fitness.

Lisa established Inversions Pole Fitness not only because of her love for pole dancing but also her strong desire to teach and motivate others. Lisa is available for group classes, private lessons, nutrition counseling, meal planning and private party events.

Contact Details


Inversions Pole Fitness, LLC
716 S Shelmore Blvd Suite 102,
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Call 843-460-0654 or fill out our appointment form to book your party.


Group Pole Class Offerings & Descriptions

Our one hour Pole Fitness sessions are designed for 3-6 people and focus on the same principals of personal pole training... just with friends. Participants can choose their class or classes weekly to focus on the various aspects of pole. You will progress through our well designed pole levels training program and focus on all aspects of pole-level 1-4, Intro, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. In addition you can sign up for any of our other classes including spins and combos, ABT, floorplay and flexibility, polga, climbs and dismounts, slow and sexy and chair fitness.

Pole Fit 60 minutes

Pole Dance Fitness is one of the hottest workouts today. Whether you want to learn the sensual side of pole fitness or the sporty more challenging side of pole dance fitness, Pole Fit will introduce you to this fun sexy exercise that will not only build muscle but your confidence. Focused on safety first, this class will be an introduction to pole grips, struts, floor and standing moves. You will be introduced to stretching and strength training exercises that will be focused on preparing you to confidently climb, spin and lift on the pole no matter your size, body type or age. Pole Dance Fitness helps build muscle strength, aids flexibility and includes cardio exercise activity that promises to burn at least 500 calories per hour. No dance experience required and stilettos are optional! This class will focus on learning 20 pole dance and floor moves. You will learn how to incorporate these moves into a routine that will tighten and tone your body. You are guaranteed to see results zoning in on those specific problem areas in this class. This class is for all levels No dance experience required and stilettos are optional! Bare legs are essential as part of the class requires gripping of the pole.

Intro to Pole Fitness 60 minutes

Intro to Pole Fitness is where you will learn the fundamentals of POLE FITNESS. This is where you will begin learning the basic grips, hands positions, floor moves, standing poses, and basic spins. You will learn how to incorporate these moves into a routine that will tighten and tone your body. This is a progressive class building upon what you learned the previous week. No dance experience required. Participants must reserve a class day and time in advance, as space is limited

Beginner Pole Fitness 60 minutes

Beginner Pole Fit is for those who have completed at least 2 sessions of Intro to Pole Fit. This is where you will begin building on the basic grips, hands positions, floor moves, standing poses, pole climbs and basic spins introduced in Intro to Pole Fit. Bare legs are essential as part of the class requires gripping of the pole. Promises to burn at least 500 calories per class.

Intermediate Pole Fitness 60 minutes

Intermediate Pole Fit will build upon what you have mastered in Beginner Pole Fit. You will learn 25 additional pole dance and floor moves. You will take your basic spins to a higher level increasing the intensity of your workout and expanding on combinations learned in Beginner Pole Fit. Intermediate pole fit will put a greater focus on balance, flexibility, and core strength training. You will begin preparing for inverting on the pole which will require more total body conditioning and static exercises on the pole. This cardio, spinning and strength building class promises to burn at least 500 calories.

Spins and Combos 60 minutes

You will take your basic spins to a higher level increasing the intensity of your workout and expanding on combinations taught in Pole Fit. Spins and Combos put a greater focus on balance, flexibility, fluidity and core strength training. This cardio, spinning and strength building class promises to burn at least 500 calories. Spins, inversions and floor combos will be taught in this class. All levels welcome.

Abs, Butt and Thighs Pole Fit 60 minutes | Open To All Levels

ABT/Pole Sculpting is a class for those who want to focus on pole conditioning focused on specific muscle areas! Zoning in on those specific problems areas, abs, butts and thighs, this class is guaranteed to leave you with burning impact. Focused more on strength training versus dance choreography this class will incorporate the use of the pole, stretching bands and medicine balls to give you a sculpted workout! Participants in all levels are encouraged to take this class as part of their current pole level class. All level pole tricks will be taught in this class. Promises to burn at least 500 calories per class.


Polga takes moves from pole fitness and combines them with Yoga poses to create Polga, which makes for a fun, dynamic workout that uses the pole for strengthening, stability, and alignment. The great thing about using the pole is that you are able to stabilize and balance more easily, as well as use it for stretching, strengthening, and elevating your heart rate. The class is very fluid in nature and is a great cardio workout. Polga takes your basic Power or Hatha Yoga poses and adds the pole for stretching, strengthening, and alignment. The class is 60 minutes, and is great for beginners to advanced. POLGA will take you on a journey on how to connect with your heart, mind, body and soul femme. You will pinpoint areas of physical and emotional resistance in your pole dancing and turn this frustration into a pose that is enjoyable and soothing. POLGA will help you gain the flexibility and core strength to master Level 1-4 pole tricks. We will focus on fluid movement, core isolation and sensuality. Broad, open outer hips, watery, whirlpooling abdomen, flexing, flaring back body¦spinning around yourself¦... that's POLGA!

Chair Fitness Open To All Levels

Chair Fitness is open to all levels and is an excellent supplement to your Pole Fitness classes. Chair helps you embrace your sensuality, while giving you an intense overall body workout. This class combines strength training with dance choreography simply through the use of a chair, floor work, and your own body weight. In addition to the muscle conditioning, you will learn some sexy, sensual chair work as well as fun booty-popping dance moves. This class is sure to leave you feeling SexySweatySoreSatisfied!

Inversions This is NOT a class for our beginner students

This class focuses on inverted balance, strength and endurance. Students will focus on all aerial poses and tricks. This is an aggressive class that will help students master those movements that would otherwise seem impossible. Each student must be able to lift themselves onto the pole!

Choreography Beginner/Intermediate

Looking to dance, spin, and climb your way through a complete routine choreographed by our instructors? Then this is the perfect class for you! Choreography class features a 15 minute warm-up and stretch, review of dance moves, spins, and tricks appropriate for beginner-intermediate level students, and plenty of synchronized practice time. You will be taught to interpret music, project emotion, and refine your dance technique while rehearsing a special routine to a different song each 4-week session. Invite your friends and family for our Week 4 finale performance! Choreography makes a great addition to your current foundational pole fitness classes! Sign up today to get fit, while having fun.

Flexibility and Floorplay Any Fitness Level

This class combines sexy, muscle-toning floorwork exercises, deep stretching, and modified split training on and off the pole, for a great flexibility workout. Each class focuses on techniques from yoga, ballet, exotic dance, and beginner contortionism to help you build a toned and limber body. Join us for Flexibility and Floorplay to work on achieving those splits you've always wanted. This class is appropriate for any fitness level and is a great supplement to your current pole session package.

Private Lessons Any Fitness Level

Our private one on one 1 hour Pole Fitness session will focus 100% on you. After an initial consultation with a certified pole fitness coach we will design a Pole Fitness program based on your needs and wants. We will focus on a combination of spin training, dance cardio, flexibility training, Inversions, strength and muscle building, confidence, self-acceptance, sensuality and endurance. Training promises to burn 500-900 calories.

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Client Testimonials

  • Awesome classes with Amazing teachers! Love the energy, booty busting workouts, and laughs! I look forward to every class! And love the way I feel afterwards.

    Sarah Jo
  • Love the various class selection. Such a great place to go and get a workout that makes you feel and look sexy.



Inversions Pole Fitness, LLC
716 S Shelmore Blvd Suite 102,
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Call 843-460-0654 or fill out our appointment form to book your party.



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